Who i'm

Hi, I'm Husen, also known as 'Matar' and 'Blue Matar'.
I'm a professional multi-disciplined designer & illustrator , animator , front end designer.
I also work as designer for the alot of mobile applications (Ios/Android) side.
I'm capable of doing the 'quirky' fun style of work but I'm also fully experienced in doing corporate websites/branding/advertising/video editing/colouring so don't be too put off!
Detailing is something I take pride in with my work, the small finishing touches can really bring out the final experience! I am a member of the Association of Illustrators.
I'm an egyptian and living in dubai, UAE.
I have 24 years in my pocket.
In my career i have learned alot of things and i think that i have alot of years to learn more and get more experience ..


* Illustration
* After Effects
* Motion Graphics
* Photoshop
* Illustrator
* Video Editing
* Dreamweaver
* Montage
* Using Camera


* Branding - Re/Branding
* Making Advertising and
* Events Videos
* Effective Storytelling
* Corporate Designs
* Styling using Css - Css3
* Websites Design
* Illustrator Vectors
* Montage Short Movies
* Color Correction Videos


* Graphic Design Course, Technology Professional School [2006] - Cairo University
* Webdesign Course, Anysolutions, Informatics Education and Networking Services [2009]
* Master's Degree in Graphic Design and Editorial Projects SAE Dubai
* Faculty of commerce and business administration cairo university